Thursday, July 30, 2015

Got the issue resolved and back to work after exams :)

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Remember that I have met up with the following problem while I was doing integration?

UndefinedError at /badges/  'django.contrib.auth.models.AnonymousUser object' has no attribute 'is_read_only'.
You will also be able to see the error by going in to the site:

This error did not appear when I have logged into the website, yet it appeared each time when I tried to access the website as an anonymous user. With the help of puiterwijk from the #fedora-admin IRC, I got to know that it was a problem regarding the templates which I have overridden. So, the problem was in the widgets/user_navigation.html template. I have moved the following part to the bottom of that template because according to the new design the user account information of a logged in user should be displayed to the right of the header.

<span class="user-info">
{{ macros.inbox_link(request.user) }}
{{ macros.moderation_items_link(request.user, moderation_items) }}
{%- if settings.KARMA_MODE != 'hidden' or settings.BADGES_MODE != 'hidden' -%}
({{ macros.user_long_score_and_badge_summary(user) }})
{%- endif -%}
<a href="{{ request.user.get_absolute_url() }}">{{ request.user.username|escape }}</a>

This has caused the error in the website because the above mentioned code was earlier inside the {%- if request.user.is_authenticated() -%} clause. So, now you can understand the problem right? According to what I have done without noticing that the above code has come out of that if condition, the application looks for user information even when the user has not logged into the website which produced the error. So, when overriding templates it needs to be extra careful not to do such kind of mistakes which harm the application's functionality.

And according to the feedback I have received from the people present at FUDCon, it has been found that the hamburger menu needs to be removed because the old users will not directly spot that the links of 'ALL', 'FOLLOWED' and 'UNANSWERED' will be there when hovered over the hamburger icon. Most of them have not been able to understand why there is an hamburger icon on the secondary header. Hence the following mockup shows my idea on how it is going to be. I have first decided to include those 3 links in the body area so that they can get easily spotted without having to take second step. Yet secondly I have thought that those 3 links are common to most of the pages and hence they should be in an area common to most the pages which is the secondary header. And to blend with the blue colored image used in the secondary header, I have used a light blue color for the links. So, the following mockups where I have modified the desktop and mobile view of the Badges page will reflect my idea on that.

And also according to the feedback it has also been suggested to use a footer similar to the one in Hence the modified design of the footer is also depicted in the mockups below. And as always feedback on these are welcome.

Badges page desktop view

Badges page mobile view

So, it has been a very busy week for me due to my mid semester exams and it is time to resume the work. As the GSoC pen down date is also near I hope to work hard on integration get some tangible product soon.


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