Saturday, July 4, 2015

Yay passed the mid evaluations!

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Yeah I have passed the mid evaluations thanks to the guidance provided by my mentors all along the way! :) The path up to know has not been a bed of roses as I started not knowing anything about responsive web design and now I think I know the basics. So, with that happiness of success in my mind, here is the update for the last week.

Basically I have coded the User page, Badges page and Login page of AskFedora and I am half way through coding the Ask Question page. The links for the above pages are given below respectively:

Some of the interesting features of the above pages are that the User page has two accordians on the right aside where the users can click to see the top tags and top badges of a person. This is will also reduce the size of the User page that the users need to scroll down to see the tags and badges and it will only show you the top tags and badges rather than all the tags and badges which will result in an uncluttered interface. And also the number of up votes and down votes section is also taken to the part which contain user profile information reducing the page height. And also I have tried to make an AskUbuntu style Badges page and an Ask question page by incorporating the arrangement of components in the corresponding pages of AskUbuntu.

I also have fixed some of the drawbacks that the mentors have pointed out in our last skype call, which are:
  • Making the up votes and down votes arrows smaller along with the text showing the number of votes.
  • Making the other buttons other than the ASK button more button like.
  • Making the hr used in Q/A page lesser in color.
  • Increasing the height of the footer.
  • Making the text areas for posting and previewing an answer, consistent with the search bar.

And also I feel that the User page needs some more polishing to be done and I will be working on it in the next few days and also on the Ask Question page. Basically the next big leap that I need to jump is how to integrate the styles into the testing instance of AskFedora which is set up in Openshift. I have done some research on that and tried many things which people have spoken on forums, blogs etc. but nothing seemed to work correctly for askbot. My mentors are willing to help me on that and let's see how I am going to resolve this within the next couple of weeks :)


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