Wednesday, May 27, 2015


  1. Nice start - some nitpicks (I know these aren't hi-fidelity mockups), but just for you to keep them in mind:

    1) Keep the grid in mind. Although it's necessary to break the rules sometimes, grids help to keep things consistent. e.g. the footer doesn't seem to be aligned right. On phone, the people section seems to be padded in unnecessarily. As an example of breaking the rule, I think you can experiment with removing the hamburger in the center of the blue zone and let the search bar occupy all the space. This revision will allow for the following in the badge desktop view for example: the search box should align with the wider section in the body area, the start of the ask button aligns with start of the aside in the body area. Make sense? Just a quick thing I whipped up to give you the idea:

    2) On the tags page, if you're going with the 2 column layout, might want to experiment with right aligning tags on the second column.

    3) Give some thought on how you will deal with long names or long text in general. Ellipsis? Just trimming text? Expand on hover?

    4) On the sort, you need a "signifier". Sure it says sort by, but you want to point that to the user without having him/her read that text. One way to do it - keep up and down arrows, highlighting one that you'll use for default.

    5) There can definitely be some visual improvements, but we can visit that later.

    1. Just wanted to edit the link to the image I posted earlier.

  2. All about Inkscape lessons