Thursday, August 6, 2015

Progress with integration

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Okay this week I have done some integration with the following pages. I have included some screen shots of the pages also.

Main page desktop view


 Q/A Page mobile view

Q/A Page desktop view

Sign in page

Sign up page

I have also done bit of integration in the User page but need to further work on the right aside of the user menu to include the sliding accordion. And as you can see in the above screenshots I have modified the footer of the page so that it is similar to the footer used in the website.

Problems I have encountered while integration

1) I have included the sliding menu which appears in the desktop view in my testing instance setup at Openshift. The sliding menu make use of sidr jquery library to get the accelerating effect of the sliding menu and it works correctly when I run the testing instance without getting the default javascript from the orginal Askbot to my application by typing in the collectstatic command. But after I type in the collectstatic command the sliding menu does not appear when I click on the hamburger icon on the header.

2) Some of the javascript seems not be working in few of the pages. I have seen the errors that have risen up through the console and it may be due to something I have done when overriding the templates. 

I am going to look into those troubles within the next work and proceed with the integration. By considering the options given by my mentor Suchakra I am going to implement the links of ALL, UNANSWERED and FOLLOWED links in the header containing the no. of questions. And I am going to implement them as options which would clearly indicate which one is currently selected. I am going to experiment with that also during the next week.


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