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Feedback from FUDCon and progress with integration

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Here are the findings of my mentors Suchakra and Sarup from the feedback they have received from the people at FUDCon. And here in my blog post I will post what I think about the things they have suggested and my ideas about incorporating them with the styles. Readers of this post are welcome to make any suggestions and ideas on what I have included here in the post so I can further get an idea about what it going to be good and what is going to be bad.

1. Footer is off, the gradient does not go well with the site. A long form footer like other sites can be good.

I also think that the footer in the site will go well with AskFedora. And I was wondering where to put the links for privacy policy, get feedback and the paragraph ("Ask Fedora is community maintained and Red Hat or Fedora Project is not responsible for content. Content on this site is licensed under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license."). Having a footer like in will enable us to have them also in the footer.

2. Possibly Reduce border radius of cards, make card shadow a bit lighter

For the border in question cards, how about not having a border? I just removed the border from the browser and thought it then blends well with the background. Then the background color of the questions cards need not be changes as they need some contrast from the background.

3. Tags look very prominent - make them light. Hover color on yellow tag does not seem ok.

I tried with using a color like #9E9E9E which is more lighter. Will something like that go well with it? I also had this strange feeling that the hover color is not quite okay with the yellow tags. Will something brighter like #FFA500 work on it like what it has in StackOverFlow?  

4. Fedora logo is not the standard one. Colors are off. 

Well isn't the Fedora logo the same as what they have in

Hamburger menu: Probably remove it, new users were not able to identify what it was and why it was needed there. The unanswered, All and followed links could be put somewhere else - check stackoverflow for example.

Okay then the Hamburger menu needs to be removed. I was thinking about having the links All, Followed and Unanswered in the body area just about the question cards so that it will be easier to be located. I could not think of any place else to put them in according to the current design. Do you have any place better?


1. Page looks too packed. Horizontal line spacing is very less. Proper margins and padding required

I will look into this matter while I am integrating the styles with the testing instance in Openshift. And experiment on increasing the horizontal line spacing as well as the margins and the padding.

2. Font sizes/typeface (bold, normal, light) are disproportionate in some places.

This can also be dealt while integrating. I will make the sizes, font-weights consistent throughout the page.

1. Tags != badges. They need separate designs - probably not pointed on one side as tags. Font size disproportioanate in profile overview section, also proper spacing

Yeah the badges design needs to be changed. I thought of removing the pointed section in the badges and just have them as simple rectangles with rounded edges.

2. Subscriptions and Moderations overflow from the bar on smaller screens (12 inch etc). On smaller screens these links vanish

I have made them vanish when it comes to smaller screen sizes because I thought they are not much required and also it will make the page unnecessarily cluttered. Do you still think these links of Subscriptions and Moderation are essential when it narrows down to small screen sizes?


1. Some screen space is wasted for no reason. We could spread things out a bit

Actually not only on the login page, I thought that the screen space is wasted on both sides when it comes to other pages as well. So, in the integration work I have worked on I have spread things out to both sides so that much of the screen space is utilized. A screen shot of the integration I have done is also shown below. 
2. Icons for services have to be uniform throughout the website.

I will be looking into this matter when doing the integration so that it would have uniform icons for services throughout the web site. 

1. Line spacing, badges design change. 

The design of the badges will be changed so that they will not having the pointed part to the left and the line spacing will also be increased. 

1. Spacing, margin between elements

Spacing between the elements like the text boxes will be increased so that it will have a better and uncluttered look. 

2. What is box below title?

I thought that having the text area just under the title text box will be quite obvious for the user to think that it is the place where they need to type in the details of the question. I got that idea from the StackOverFlow website but if it is quite confusing, we can add some wording on the top of the box saying "Type in the details" or something like that.

3. Text overflows from sidebar. With proper margin/padding and widths this may go away.

Yeah in the Post Question page the wording in the sidebar overflows in the right aside. Thanks for pointing that out I will look into that matter.

Progress with the integration

I have done some integration work with the Main and Badges pages of AskFedora and here are some screen shots of the work I have already done.

The Main Page

The Badges Page

The pages above are currently quite a mess because I have not done with the integration completely.

Yet I have met up with the following problem in the browsers in which I have not logged into the website.

UndefinedError at /badges/  'django.contrib.auth.models.AnonymousUser object' has no attribute 'is_read_only'.
You will also be able to see the error by going in to the site:

I do not get this error in the browser in which I have logged in to the site. I haven't changed anything regard to implementation but have only changed the styles and templates. So, I wonder why this error is coming up. I hope to find out the error during this week and proceed with some more integration work with the website :)


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