Saturday, May 30, 2015

Updated mockups for Askbot

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According to the feedback received from the mentors, I updated the mockups that I have created for Askbot using colors used in the Fedora color palette and also giving more focus on the grid system. I have included some little user experience improvements also in these mockups and we are planning to discuss further on user experience of Askbot as well.

Answer Page Desktop View Mockups

Answer Page Mobile View Mockups

Ask Question page desktop view mockups

Ask Question page mobile view mockups

User Profile page desktop view mockup

User Profile page mobile view mockups

Sign in page Desktop view mockups

Sign in page Mobile view mockups

Tags Page Desktop View Mockup

Tags Page Mobile View Mockups

People Page Desktop View Mockups

People Page Mobile View Mockups

Badges Page Desktop View Mockups

Badges Page Mobile View Mockups


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