Saturday, May 23, 2015

GSoC Update #3

6:54 AM Posted by Anuradha Welivita 3 comments
I had a meeting yesterday (22nd May 2015) at the #fedora-apps IRC channel with mentors Sarup Banskota and Suchakra Sharma. The purpose of the meeting was to revise my timeline and refine what I have included in the timeline into more specific sub tasks.  

My actions items in this meeting were:

  • Analyse the flow of pages in askbot
  • Set up a staging instance to share work in progress
  • Creating mockups for the askbot pages
You can see the minutes of the meeting at:


  1. It would be nice to have a new look to AskFedora. Thanks in advance!

    For the mockups, it would be worth to investigate online designer communities such as and for inspiration. You can search with terms like "user profile" or "login".

    You can also take a look at CSS galleries such as awwwards, unmatchedstyle, flat ui, mobileawesomeness, etc., which lists well designed websites from around the globe. Check for a list of CSS galleries.

    Inspiration can also be drawn from premium template marketplaces such as

  2. Thank you very much for pointing out resources to look at. I will surely refer those and draw some inspiration.

  3. All about Inkscape lessons