Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Minutes of the Skype call

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Me and my mentors Sarup and Suchakra had a Skype conversation on 31st of June 2015 where they reviewed the mockups that I have already created using Inkscape. We had a screen sharing session and they pointed me out some of the modifications that I need to do and some of the points that I need to keep in mind when coding the mockups.

They went through my mockups one by one and gave me feedback on what I have done. I will also include them here in point form under each mockup we went through during the call.

The Answer Page Desktop View
  • We agreed to change the layout of the Answer Page a bit by letting the hamburger menu out to the left and let the search bar occupy all the space like in the design provided by my mentor Sarup - http://paste.opensuse.org/44501225.
  • And they noticed a problem with aligning of text in the second div of the aside to the right. I was told to align text in that also to the left because aligning it to the center causes inconsistency in the webpage.
  • And also in the question and answer area the boxes with username and information regarding karma etc. were identified to be inline with the tags.
The Answer Page Mobile View
  • When it comes to the mobile view, because of the comments that occupy a lot of space in the screen it gets a bit cluttered. And hence we agreed not to show the comments when it comes to the mobile view. If the user wants to see the comments he or she may need to click on the "Comments" text to get them visible on screen.
The Ask Question Page
  • Here another inconsistency was identified that the text box in front of "Title" text should come to the bottom preserving consistency. It was also discusses that it is good always to keep the text boxes under its corresponding label because it reduces the eye movement of the user entering details to the textboxes.
 The User Profile Page
  • The number of up votes and down votes section was agreed to move to the side of the number of karma which is in the section containing user profile information. That way the space taken up by the number of votes is reduced.
  • Also from the aside we decided to remove the statistics on votes and have accordions that slide down to show the top tags and top badges when the user clicks on the "Tags" and "Badges" text. Also I was advised to include up and down arrows in front of the text so that the user will fell that those can be expanded.
  • Also from the section containing profile information we decided to remove "6 hours ago" and "8 minutes ago" text and agreed to make then appear as tool tips when hovering over "member since" and "last seen text".
The Color Palette
  • I was told to use somewhat lesser green for the ASK button when I am coding because the green that I have taken from the Fedora color palette does not go well with the Fedora blue that I have decided to use in text of links.
In general they advised me to have a good layout first when coding the mockups because a bad layout is hard to fix. So, I was instructed to code the layout in the form of boxes where each box will have a different color. And then only go for the detailed coding inside each box. That way we can create a good layout before we get into details. 


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