Thursday, December 18, 2014

Life at "CSE"

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"CSE", the most important turning point in my life. Why do I call it the most important? Because it just simply changed who I am, what I do and what will I be.

I should call it luck or else a miracle. Because after semester 1 examination, I was ranked as 14th in the batch and was thinking about selecting Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering simply because it was ranked as the best department in the University which most of the people above rank 100 choose to be in. But I was wrong, very wrong. Now I call CSE, the best department in the university and the best place where I should be.
Even though I just sort of made up my mind to do what I like instead of choosing what the majority chooses, now I enjoy it, enjoy life at CSE to the fullest. The work load may be tough, the leaves may be so less, I may have spend many sleepless nights having to code and cover up all the studies, yet I enjoy every bit of it since I am doing what I like.
With the word "CSE", then comes the "CSE Family", all my fellow batch mates including myself are part of a family, the CSE Family. There are no words to describe how friendly and helpful they all are. We always work together as a batch in all the events that come by and enjoy them like being in a family, enjoying others' victories and sharing sadness in losses.
I must mention and give my regards for all the lecturers, the instructors and the support staff who unlike in many of the other departments, work so closely with the students and being so friendly and interactive to support the students in all their needs. They are also like a part of the CSE Family who guide and encourage us to achieve the best out of our skills.

I cannot forget to mention few of the activities that we as a family participated and enjoyed a lot. One was the "Exuberanz" event where we first had our most wonderful day with the CSE family. There we got into groups, engaged in several energetic activities to boost up our selves and the team spirit and had fun in dressing up a team member as a princess by using newspapers, ribbons, dry leaves and flowers. Most of our friends had to dance in front of the audience for the first time in their life, including myself! We were actually having fun for the fullest. I have never had an experience like that and I call it marvelous.
And in the 2nd Semester what I enjoyed most is making up the line following, ball grabbing robot. It was one of my dreams which was inside me even before coming into the university, to build up an actual robot. We made it in groups of five members. Before start building the robot, I knew nothing about robotics. Actually none of the members in my group knew nothing about robotics. Yet we did not loose hope. We watched many you-tube videos and started by first learning to light up an LED using an arduino board. And little by little with great effort, we succeeded in building up that robot. And the happiness we had in the day that our precious robot started following the path was far beyond explaining with words.
The grooming workshops we had, and the presentation skills workshops groomed us to what we are now. Now I am able to go in front of an audience and talk without hesitation and present myself comfortably. It was a huge achieve I got by being in the CSE.
There are many more things to share, yet most importantly I would like to share one thing, one most important thing that I got by being in CSE. That is be yourself, be who you are, follow your heart and do what you love.  


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